What is Certified Self Containment? 

Certified Self Containment is maintaining and certifying your motor caravan in accordance with the New Zealand Standard for Self Containment of Motor Caravans and Caravans, NZS 5465:2001.

Why should I certify my caravan?

There has been a lot of attention and publicity directed towards the self containment of caravan wastes and the requirements for this for an ever increasing number of New Zealand camp sites, and Freedom Camping spots.

A self containment certificate provides local authorities and communities with a way to recognise that a vehicle poses minimal risk to the environment and public health. That way they are able to accommodate motor caravans at reserves and other areas where there are limited or no external facilities.

It is also a requirement of joining the NZMCA that new members certify their vehicle within three months of joining, purchasing or completing the modifications to their motor caravan.

How do I get certified? 

At UK Caravans, Ben is an NZMCA approved self containment officer.  We stock all the parts required for self containment and can issue the compliance documentation.

General self containment including parts and documentation (tanks not included) $565 incl GST. 

Recertification checks also available.

Contact us at workshop@ukcaravans.co.nz or 03 338 5739 to discuss your requirements and make a booking.